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Jos haluat lisätietoja (tämä on linkki tietosuojakäytäntöömme, jossa on yksityiskohtaista tietoa kuinka käytämme evästeitä ja kuinka niiden asetuksia muutetaan).

Applications for Charitable Contributions, Educational Grants and Independent Research Grants

Carestream Giving Guidelines:

All Charitable Contributions, Educational Grants and Research Grants are limited to:

  • Supporting the education of HCPs involved in diagnostic imaging;
  • Supporting the communities in which Carestream operates;
  • Supporting Third Parties with a charitable mission;
  • Responding to natural disasters;
  • Supporting healthcare research; or
  • Such other similar purpose as may be approved by the Grants and Charitable Contributions Committee from time to time.

Compliance with law, industry standards and company procedures
All Charitable Contributions, Educational Grants, and Independent Research Grants, must be provided in compliance with applicable laws, industry standards and Company policies. Under no circumstances will Charitable Contributions, Educational Grants and Independent Research Grants be offered or given in exchange for or as an inducement or reward for the purchase, recommendation, or use of Carestream products or services, or for any other corrupt purpose.

Approval Authority and Oversight
The Corporate Grants and Charitable Contributions Committee (the “Committee) has exclusive and independent approval authority over all Applications that are fundable and have passed a compliance check for Charitable Contributions, Educational Grants, and Independent Research Grants. No Grants or Charitable Contributions may be issued using Company funds without advance written approval from the Committee in accordance with Company procedures. No other Carestream personnel or third party is authorized to offer, promise or issue Charitable Contributions, Educational Grants, or Independent Research Grants on Carestream’s behalf without the Committee’s express authorization.

Charitable Contributions

Impermissible Uses: Charitable Contributions
Charitable Contributions are not permitted for:

  • Non-charitable purposes;
  • Raffles, courtesy advertising, or trips;
  • Consulting or other services or goods provided to Carestream;
  • Carestream promotional activities or events; or
  • Conference advertising, Company displays or booth space.

Application for Charitable Contributions

Educational Grants

Minimum Qualifications
Applicants for Educational Grants must meet the following minimum qualifications:

  • The applicant is an individual or entity qualified to engage in and/or fund the proposed educational activities such as an academic institution, medical or professional association, medical education company, community health center, conference organizer, patient association or advocacy group.
  • The applicant certifies and provides documentation evidencing that the educational program for which they seek funding is accredited by The Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME), the American Medical Association (AMA), other relevant independent educational standards organization, or applicant is otherwise deemed by the Committee qualified to perform the proposed educational activity.

Impermissible Uses: Educational Grants
Educational Grants may not be used to pay for:

  • Expenses of family or friends or other associates of educational conference attendees or faculty members;
  • Consulting or other services or goods provided to Carestream;
  • HCP’s or other conference speakers selected by Carestream; or 
  • Advertising, displays, or booth space by or for Carestream in connection with the conference.

Note: Although these types of expenditures do not qualify as Educational Grants, they may qualify as acceptable expenditures pursuant to a service agreement or Sponsorship. Refer to the Sales and Marketing Codes of Conduct for further guidance.  

Application for Educational Grants

Independent Research Grants

Minimum Qualifications
The applicant must be a bona fide researcher qualified to perform the proposed research in a timely, competent and lawful manner.

Impermissible Uses: Independent Research Grants
Independent Research Grants shall not be used to pay for:

  • Company-initiated or directed research; or
  • Consulting or other services or goods provided to Carestream.

Application for Independent Research Grants  

Please submit the appropriate Application below to WW-Grants-Charity@carestream.com.  Please include any questions and/or comments in the body of the email. A reply will be sent via email acknowledging receipt of Application. 

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