JatkaKäytämme evästeitä parhaan käyttömukavuuden takaamiseksi sivuillamme. Voit selata Carestream sivuja vaikka evästeet eivät ole käytössä; Sivujen käyttö kuitenkin paranee huomattavasti, jos evästeet on aktivoitu. Jos jatkat muuttamatta asetuksia, hyväksyt kaikki evästeet. Voit kuitenkin muuttaa evästeiden asetusta milloin tahansa.

Jos haluat lisätietoja (tämä on linkki tietosuojakäytäntöömme, jossa on yksityiskohtaista tietoa kuinka käytämme evästeitä ja kuinka niiden asetuksia muutetaan).

  • Computed Radiography Systems

    Computed Radiography Systems

    Digital Imaging Made Simple

    Carestream’s family of computed radiography systems can accommodate any level of facility size and workfl¬ow – from small private practices to large, high-volume hospitals and diagnostic imaging centers. From reliable, compact tabletop solutions to multiple cassettes, floor standing models – our CR systems fit your budget and integrate seamlessly into your workflow to deliver high-quality digital images.


  • St. Joseph’s Hospital Health Center

    CR Systems Help St. Joseph’s Deliver Exceptional Care

    CR systems set new quality standards

    “CR technology has made great strides in image quality in the last 5-10 years. Our radiologists are as satisfied with the quality of images from Carestream’s Elite CR system as they are with images generated on our FFDM system.”

    Robert Whitmarsh, RT (R), CNMT, Director of Medical Imaging Administration, St. Joseph’s Hospital Health Center, Syracuse, N.Y.

  • Military Proven CR Systems

    Military Proven CR Systems

    Simple. Affordable. Compact

    The CARESTREAM DIRECTVIEW Vita CR System is a lightweight compact unit that is easy to transport, set up and remove in harsh conditions. Deployable in 10 minutes the Vita computed radiography system is designed for conditions where every second counts. The CR system has passed military standards for storage and operational conditions including high temperatures, humidity, high dust and sand environments. Carestream Image Suite software can serve as a mini PACS system for field operations.

  • Manufacturing Excellence

    Manufacturing Excellence

    Commitment to quality

    Carestream manufactures our own X-ray products globally so that we may better serve our customers. With lean manufacturing and on-going quality improvement in every step of our production process, we're focused on creating excellence.

Find the right product for your specific needs


Three computed radiography models allow you to choose the plates-per-hour performance that matches your facility’s needs.

120 - Vita Flex

CARESTREAM Vita Flex CR Systems   
The flexible orientation makes it perfect for small spaces in offices or in mobile settings.


An affordable, compact, tabletop imaging CR system designed for small hospitals, clinics and specialty practices. 

CR Cassette

CR Screens and Cassettes
Find the screen and cassette to meet the needs of your clinical applications.

Contact Us at Carestream Health

Contact Us
To have a sales rep contact you, please use the sales form. For product information or company questions, please use our general form.

Find the right software for your needs


A single software platform compatible with DRX, legacy DR and floor-standing CR systems. 

Image Suite Software

Image Suite Software
Imaging acquisition and management software for Vita Flex CR and Classic CR systems.

Clinical Specialties

Clinical Specialties
Designed for a variety of applications our Vita systems help clinicians excel:

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